Founding Story

Our story begins with four colleagues working in the mobile game industry. Having a real passion for mobile games, we really found ourselves enamored with understanding the process of what makes a game successful. Through our combined understanding, we found that the real essence of a successful game comes down to Three Things: Product, Marketing and Operations.

With this knowledge as our foundation, we found that in the current marketplace the marriage of these two fundamentals is lacking. Therefore, we decided to start DuoPeak with these two principals, each peak representing the importance of our goal to create highly monetizable apps.


Jialing Chen
CEO and Founder
Previously VP of Data Science at Machine Zone, having built out the entire Data Science function. Launched Game of War, Mobile Strike and Final Fantasy: A New Empire.
Hao Fu
Head of Tools and Co-Founder
Previously Co-Founder of Binqsoft - an internet security company. Director of Insight Finder China providing AI driven Operation services. More than 20 years of system architect design and tools development.
Steven Guzman
Head of Product and Co-Founder
Previously Director of Game Operations at Machine Zone. Launched Mobile Strike and Final Fantasy: A New Empire. Worked on Game of War, AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms and Lords Mobile.
Durwin  Au
Head of Design and Co-Founder
Previously Lead Game Designer and Product Manager at Machine Zone. Worked on Game of War, Mobile Strike, Final Fantasy: A New Empire, AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms and Lords Mobile.